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Returning trust to charity donations thanks to Block Chain Technology

Charity Wall is a Social Marketplace that, through the BlockChain, traces and certifies the use of donations and allows donating in total security and monitoring, commenting and constantly verifying the development of each specific social project.


Monitoring of social projects

Donors can constantly monitor the progress of projects they have contributed to. In this way, they have the guarantee of the real use of the collected funds.

Traceability of donations

(non-transactions) Constant tracking and monitoring of the use of donations downstream of their collection. In the portal, it is easy to check the use of funds thanks to the news published by the reference non-profit institution, to certified documents, to contacts with a reference person and to the possibility of commenting on the project.

Documentation certification

Certification of all documentation on how the funds are used by non-profit institutions through BlockChain, so that they are registered, immutable and available for consultation at any time.

Quick, simple and cheap

Charity Wall is a simple and intuitive portal that offers a saving of time and resources for non-profit institutions and improves the way of organizing and filing documentation

Video Interview to:

Luca Busolli, CEO - Charity Wall

How Charity Pay works