Say it with colours – How can you apply the psychology of colours to Digital Marketing?

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Maximize conversion of your Call to Action, or CTA, button and boost your publications.

To begin with, what is the psychology of colours? It is the branch of Human Psychology that focuses on the study of the relationship and reaction of emotions to colours. In this article we will try to understand why the psychology of colour plays a key role in Digital Marketing.

How do colours influence conversion rates?

“A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website completes a desired action, such as filling out a form, making a purchase, downloading a document, playing a video etc.” All will depend on what you want users to do on your webpage.

Starting with the webpage especially, the colours and the combination between them, will represent a big help for an efficient conversion of your landing page.

There are some colours that draw attention and stimulate the visitors, for this reason, try to select the right colours to grab the attention of the largest number of people possible and remember that:

  • Colours must be striking;

  • They should stand out and make contrast;

  • Colours should not be all over the page, only in strategic spots.

On the webpages, for example, the two most used colours are blue and green on a white background, in this way they stand out and can be easily located by users.

If your segment is composed by a young audience and you want to sympathize with them, try to use colours like pink, orange and yellow.

These colours are usually used in links, buttons, advertisement, banners etc.

What colours should you use to increase your CTAs’ conversion rate?

In order to choose the perfect colours to maximize your “Call to Action” button, you need to know that:

  1. Coloured ads are 26% more recognized by consumers than their black and white versions.

  2. The colours preferred by women on these buttons are blue, red and green.

  3. Men prefer blue, green and black.

  4. Impulsive people have a better reaction to blue, orange and black.

  5. Meanwhile traditional customers prefer colours like pink, light blue and dark pink.

  6. Use matching colours and colours that highlight a contrast.

  7. Be very careful when choosing the colours of the texts inside the buttons.

The content within webpages and social networks is very important and crucial is to keep in mind that, all visual tools influence the perception and reaction of users.

Your CTA button is one of the most important elements on your Landing page or website: every click represents a potential customer. However, many websites do not have their CTA button correctly indicated so they go unnoticed and, as a consequence, users end up leaving the page: bad news for your business.

In order for that not to happen to you, use an attractive colour that makes contrast and encourages users to carry out an action.

A clear example is what Netflix does on its site: its CTA buttons are in red and stand in sharp contrast to the background and to the colour white used for the letters.

The influence of colours on social networks

Colours could not be left out within a social media strategy. Nowadays social media have taken a leading role and represent a fundamental means to catch users’ attention through valuable contents and attractive infographics.

Their final purpose is to create engagement and increase presence on the Internet. However, there are some data that we need to take into consideration before choosing the colours that we will use in our social selling campaign, such as:

  • Segment;

  • Area and region of the segment;

  • Age;

  • The genre of the segment;

  • The campaign’s goal

The same colours do not work on every social network, for example:

On Facebook and Twitter, images with red or orange tones have two times more reactions than those where blue predominates, since, as we know, this is the basic colour in these networks.

On the other hand, on Instagram, images in which the colour blue predominates, have more likes than those with warm tones.

LinkedIn, being a professional social channel, prefers navy blue, grey, black and white.

Lastly, remember that if you want to use the psychology of colours applied in Digital Marketing to increase the success of your website, at first you will need to try several options and then to monitor the situation and pay attention to those that generate the best results.

Feel free to ask to expert Marketing professionals like Connection H2H Team for advice and in order to reach better results.

Filomena Santoro, Marketing Director Connection H2H,

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