Neuromarketing: are you thinking or are you feeling?

Actualizado: 15 de abr de 2020

For sure, you have already listened to this concept, but you may not know what Neuromarketing really means. For this reason, we are going to talk about “What is Neuromarketing?” and how can we guide and affect our “buyer personas” decision process thanks to it.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is the application of neuroscience to marketing and a new field of marketing which studies and analyses the consumer’s behavior. Since neuroscience has entered the marketing world, multinationals have seen its potential and are taking advantage of it, in order to study the consumer’s behavior and take them to buy their products.

What does Neuromarketing analyze?

The consumer behavior and the people’s mental processes, relying on the fact that the brain is stimulated by external factors:

  • Visual perception;

  • sounds perception;

  • Sense of touch.

You need to emphatize with customer needs and make the buyer personas process easier, finally we take into consideration 2 aspects:

  1. Customer emotions;

  2. Customer motivations.

“The advertising seduces, attracts, and awakes emotions. 1 kg of advertising may contain 999 grams of rationality, but it will shine and emerge for its gram of madness.” Luis Bassat.

An efficient communication should stimulate three areas:

  • The rational brain (produces rational information);

  • The intermediate brain (listening side) it processes emotions and deep feelings and shares results with other areas.

  • The primitive brain (decision side) it takes into consideration information that come from the other areas and then it takes decisions.

First H2H Neuromarketing advice

In order to connect to people, you need to come back to Human! emphatize with people and focus on relationship.

Try to create trust and confidence. It is fundamental that your Brand is associated with safety and trust for your customers. People don’t want to feel betrayed. From now on, when organizing new marketing campaigns keep in mind the following three steps:

  1. Be essential;

  2. Be concrete and clear from the beginning;

  3. Connect your “persona” with valuable and personalized contents using a few words and a lot of images with emotional value.

Thank you all for your attention!

Filomena Santoro, CMO Connection H2H

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