Calle Rodriguez San Pedro 2, 207 B 28015 Madrid

+34 919203747

Human to Human 


We personalize our demand generation activity using H2H methodology


What we can do for you: 


Generate high qualify Sales Opportunities

Identify a specific project

Setting appointments for demo

Connect you with your next customer

Enrich and qualify your Database

Give you a periodic reports.

Digital transformation Journey

We plan your digital Marketing 

Strategy in order to grow your presence more effectively on the Web

What we can do for you: 


Create Landing Pages

LinkedIn Banners

Social media Contents

We manage Paid media Campaigns using LinkedIn Ads

Social Selling 

Qualify Inbound Leads

Analyze the impact of your brand on the web

Give you a periodic reports.

Connecting H2H people

We push your event connecting you with your potential customers and make your event a success 

What we can do for you: 


Suggest you a Special location

Create and sending a personalized email invitation

Create a list according to you of customers, partners and prospects

Promote your event on Social media 

Make an efficient recall event

Support you during the event

we suggest trendy gadgets

Give you a report of attendees

Create a PR to give visibility also after your event.